A bowl of food and a glass of wine

Enjoy a Multi-Course Fondue Feast

Offering a Unique Dining Experience near the heart of Dallas' Lower Greenville Avenue, Simply Fondue Dallas specializes in four courses of delicious fondue.

Enjoy a refreshing beer or splendid bottle of wine from our newly updated beverage menu. Then, start your meal experience with a crisp, refreshing salad, followed by your choice of savory cheese fondue; all are served with fresh bread, vegetables, and fruits. Next, indulge your taste buds with your choice of entrée selections, all cooked in your preferred option at your table and served with seasonal vegetables and our signature dipping sauces. Finally, end your night with the sweet treat of Chocolate Fondue; from simple Original Milk Chocolate to tantalizing Kahlúa Heath Crunch, our Dessert Fondue menu will please any sweet tooth. Flambéed and served with an assortment of marshmallows, cake, fruit, and other delectable goodies for dipping.


A typical dining experience at Simply Fondue is designed to be a leisurely experience and generally takes more time than a typical dining experience.

Due to the type of dining we offer, there are a few policies we must follow regarding reservations at Simply Fondue.

  • Reservations Are Accepted Up to 8 Weeks in Advance.
  • We Cannot Confirm Reservations Sent via Email.
  • Smaller Parties Booked Separately Wishing to Sit Together May Only Be Accommodated as Space Permits.
  • We Hold Reservations for Up to 15 Minutes Past Reservation Time Before We May Give Your Table Away to a Waiting Party.
  • A Credit Card May Be Requested for Parties of 6 or More.
  • A No-show Fee May Be Charged on Any Card Without Cancellation of the Reservation.
  • We Schedule 2 Hours for Standard Reservation Seating.
A table with food and wine on it

Fondue, which comes from the French "fondre," meaning "to melt," had its origins in 18th-century Switzerland as a means for farm families to stretch their limited resources during the winter months. With some remaining cheese, some crusty bread, and a dash of wine, the family could gather around the hearth and enjoy a warm communal meal!

We have embraced the spirit of those family gatherings around the hearth and have created an entire communal dining experience that is Simply Fondue. Whether you are on a romantic date, celebrating a special occasion with a loved one, or wanting to share the fondue experience with a gathering of your family or friends, the Classic Fondue Dinner is a four-course journey through all things fondue.

Cheese Fondue

We start off with a delicious cheese fondue appetizer. Every one of our cheese fondues is made by melting only the finest imported cheeses with garlic and a variety of spices. We have a unique list of cheese fondues from our Wisconsin Whiskey Cheddar cheese to our traditional Gruyere & Emmenthaler French Onion Swiss! We even have a monthly melt fondue created by our chefs that features unique blends of rare or specialty cheeses! Served with a variety of crusty breads and fresh vegetables, our cheese fondue appetizer is the perfect introduction to this fondue feast!

A person stirring something in a pot with some kind of liquid.
A bowl of salad with strawberries and spinach.

Dinner Salad

When you are finished with the cheese fondue appetizer, you are treated to one of our fresh dinner salads. The House salad is a mix of fresh romaine lettuce with a leafy spring mix tossed in our own Roasted Garlic Ranch or Honey Dijon dressing and then topped with smokey bacon, fresh vegetables, shredded Wisconsin cheddar, and smoked gouda cheese. We also have a phenomenal baby spinach leaf & strawberry salad with toasted almonds and a sweet apple cider vinaigrette. A delicious way to pass the time as we prepare the table for your entrée, Fondue bourguignonne!

Entrée Fondue

Fondue Bourguignonne is a style of fondue where cuts of Tenderloin steak, Chicken breast, and fresh seafood are speared with a fondue fork and cooked using a fondue pot with cooking oil. Here at Simply Fondue, our entrée menu consists of a variety of marinated steaks, seasoned chicken options, and fresh seafood items that you get to choose from. You also can choose to cook the traditional style by using our homemade sesame batter to fry your food or try either one of our fresh herb-seasoned broths or a unique Scandinavian skillet to grill your food. All cooking options come with a variety of fresh vegetables, ravioli, and dipping sauces we make in-house daily!

A table with plates of food on it
A spoon is being dipped into chocolate with strawberries.


No fondue experience would be complete without the willpower to destroy chocolate fondue! Imported Belgian milk, white and dark chocolate callets are meticulously melted down and blended with sweet cream to create a velvety and silky texture. We have over 22 variations to choose from, whether you enjoy Milk chocolate blended with peanut butter and crushed reeses pieces or our Dark chocolate with red wine and raspberry. Accompanying this amazing display of culinary perfection is an array of delightfully dippable desserts. A variety of fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, and pineapples, as well as baked pastries like our moist, bite-sized brownie bits and rice crispy treats, all cut into the perfect form for our fondue forks to dip.